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Federal Opportunities
Technology Stack
How Are Our Opportunities Different?

The right data AND the right process.

Analyst Intelligence

Our 100% U.S.-based analysts curate data for accuracy and consistency so you’re always in the know.

Pipeline Management & Capture Process

Fully configurable pipeline and opportunity properties power your entire business development process.

Transparency & Accountability

Track and chart all capture activity alongside the opportunity for a living system with real-time insights.

Consolidated Federal Opportunities & Grants

We have all the right sources to keep you most informed: SAM.gov, FedConnect, agency sources, etc.

Forecast, Pre-RFP and Recompete Opportunities

We identify potential recompete work well in advance, so your team can plan pursuit strategies before the RFP drops.

Opportunity Tracking & Notifications

Stay informed with opportunity bookmarking, and daily and weekly search notifications.

Pipeline Management, Capture & Team Collaboration Tools

Work as a team with all your information in one place with shared notes, shared lead lists, pipeline fields and user-defined fields.

Collaboration Built for GovCon

Partner Access and Collaboration
Collaboration Stack

Partner Collaboration

Invite teaming partners and external collaborators.

Document Management

Collaborate throughout the proposal lifecycle with documents living right alongside your opportunity research.

Advanced Reporting & Charting

Identify and explore trends and pain points with powerful ad hoc reporting for your pipeline.

If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.