Market Intelligence for GovCon | Federal Compass

Informed Decisions
with comprehensive market intelligence

*including prime and subcontract awards

Federal Market Intelligence

Government Buying Trends

Insights into buying preferences, growth and trends:

  • What's my customer buying?
  • Through which vehicles?
  • Is my addressable market growing within this customer?

Budget & Funding Analysis

Follow trends in funding for your most inportant contracts and customers.

Contract Vehicles & Supply Schedules

Before your next pursuit, understand exactly where your customers are buying. Identify new pathways to existing customers and further your reach into new customers.

Competitive Analysis

Understand exactly where you and your competition step on each other's toes, within each customer and within each service/offering.

Strategic Insights

Explore our Federal Compass 360 products to inform your most pressing questions:

  • How am I performing with existing customers?
  • How am I performing on my contract vehicles?
  • What are the best areas for customer expansion?
  • Who are my biggest competitors?

If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.