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This FSS contract for Telecommunications, Financial services, Program Management, IT Consulting, Logistics > Transportation and Logistics Services, Consumer Products > Miscellaneous S&E, Acquisition Support, Test & Measurement Supplies, Business Admin Services, IT Outsourcing was awarded in FY2001 on to CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. by . There have been $224.3M in obligations to date with a ceiling value of $224.3M, showing a 100% burn rate so far on the contract. The contract was not competed under any preference program with 999 offers received. We expect a 16 year duration with ultimate completion date of September 11, 2017.

CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. is a contractor located in MD, doing primarily Consumer Products > Miscellaneous S&E work for Labor. Also, they have shown success winning No/Limited Bias contracts concentrated mainly on a singular customer focused portfolio.

The General Services Administration (GSA), the central acquisition entity within the Federal Government, manages a catalog of Multiple Award Schedules (MAS). The GSA uses MAS to establish lines of business or cohorts of contractors grouped by similar goods and services. Schedules are open to all government customers and provide a streamlined process to procure various professional services, IT services, and products, ranging from cars to hardware.

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Contract Number
Obligations to Date
Ceiling Value
Award Date
Contract Type
Competition Set Aside Type
No set aside used

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Task Order History

Task Order No. Contractor Obligations Effective Date
PD002200210CTPDARC03K0006GS23F0135L CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $168k 10/15/2002
00500200303CCMS0301026GS23F0135L CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $656.9k 03/15/2003
PD002200304CTPDARC03K00105GS23F0135L CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $3.3M 04/15/2003
PD002200304CTPDARC03K00104GS23F0135L CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $1.2M 04/15/2003
00052200305CDTTS5903F10124GS23F0135L CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $944k 05/15/2003
PD002200305CTPDFIG03K00017GS23F0135L CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $121k 05/15/2003
TC000200305CITCDO030028GS23F0135L CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $40.6k 05/15/2003
PD002200306CFMC03K0001GS23F0135L CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $28.9k 06/15/2003
MC650200306CFMC03K0001GS23F0135L CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $28.9k 06/15/2003
PD002200306COSH03K0001GS23F0135L CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $29.6k 06/15/2003
DTTS5903F10124 CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $2.5M 12/15/2003
FMC04K0002 CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $30.6k 01/01/2004
TGS23F0135LFMC04K0002 CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $30.6k 01/01/2004
TGS23F0135LOSC04K0001 CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $28k 01/12/2004
CNSIGG04014 CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $28.7k 02/23/2004
GS23F0135LFE4AC0065 CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $372.6k 02/25/2004
HHSGS23F0135LHHSM500200400017G CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $811.8k 03/05/2004
NAMA04F0036 CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $1.6M 03/26/2004
TC000200305JITCDO030028GS23F0135L CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $41.8k 04/07/2004
TGS23F0135LOSH04K0002 CLIFTON GUNDERSON L.L.P. $30.4k 05/20/2004

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